Quick & dirty AMR FAQ v1.0
by ironcladlou

I. What? Why? Where? How?

1.1)  What is (AMR) is a Usenet newsgroup. It's like a web forum, but without the pictures. Usenet is really old technology. Click the Wikipedia link already. You know you want to.

1.2)  How do I get to AMR?

The best way to access AMR is to use a newsreader, and connect to your ISP's news server. Setting this up is way beyond the scope of this FAQ. Call your ISP's tech support to find out how to connect to their server. Unfortunately, some ISPs offer poor news servers, or none at all. (fuck you, Comcast!)  Do not lose hope! There is another solution. Since Google are the almighty and awesome benevolent overlords of the Internet, they have seen fit to provide the unwashed masses with a free and globally accessible Usenet outlet called Google Groups. Yes, that's right, any psycho with a keyboard can, and quite often does, post to AMR. (see: Liberator). There's a direct link to AMR at the top of the screen, but since I love ya, here's another one: at Google Groups

1.3)  What newsreader should I use?

Ah, an age old question. The most popular newsreader with the group (and myself) is Xnews, but there are other choices out there. Currently I'm using the awesome Omea Reader. Some people like Agent even though it costs money. I've found 40tude Dialog to be pretty promising. has a list of other newsreaders, in addition to some useful Usenet information. Whatever you do, though, don't user Outlook Express.

II. Other crap

2.1)  Who is (x)? What's his/her deal?

Please refer to the regs page for the answer to this question..

2.2)  What's a killfile?

Your best fucking friend, pal. It's a tough universe out there. You've really gotta know where your killfile is. Basically, it's the place where you stick the posters you can't stand anymore (see: Liberator). They land at the bottom of the kf with a resounding *PLONK*. Read the documentation for your newsreader to figure out how to killfile people (or just get Xnews and hit K).

2.3)  What's with all the parodies?

We're dorks with nothing better to do. Duh.

2.4)  Package?

Well...better let the man explain this one himself: The Package Story

2.5)  Why don't you ever discuss Rush?

AMR has been around for over ten years now. Rush has pretty much been discussed to death. When there's something new or worthwhile to talk about, we do. If you wanna talk about Rush, by all means, start a discussion. Otherwise, quit complaining and join the scatological fun!

2.6)  You guys are all assholes!

Uh, not a question, but ok. Yeah, you've gotta have a pretty thick skin to get by in AMR. (I know guys, coming from me, that's hilarious). Deal or go home. We were here first.

2.7)  You didn't answer my question!

Okay, chill. Ypu have other options available. I've been provided with two old FAQs which you can peruse, a Word doc and an old posting from AMR. If you're still in the dark, post your question to the group. We'll only flame you a little. Promise.

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